Step 2: Sign Up for Reward Programs

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Many deals that we find and blog about involve store specific reward systems. So if you haven’t already, make sure to sign up to the reward programs to stores in your area. Many of these programs can be signed up online and all of them can be signed up in-stores.

I prefer signing up online whenever possible. I like it because when you sign up online, it forces you to sign up for an online user account. Since most of these program has online/mobile access, the online user account lets you access mobile tools and online status, which are super handy. You can track points or load digital coupons.

However, this means that you will also have a lot of online usernames and passwords to remember. I recommend storing your username and password information in a secure and centralized location. For example: Dropbox, Google Doc, or Evernote. These are all free and so you can access your files from any computer or mobile device.

Couponing 101 Reward ready

Here are the major stores we primarily cover:


Sign up to CVS’s Extra Care program. Once you do this, you will be able to start receiving ExtraBucks (ECBs) for sales that give Extrabucks. It also allows you to use the redbox coupon machine to print out weekly CVS coupons. It’s simple to sign up. Link a phone number to your account, so you can use your number to pull up your account.

Once you signed up to your Extra Care account and online access, sign up to Beauty Club. This will allow you to earn extra ECB with cosmetic purchases. Specifically, you’ll get $5 in ECB when you spend $50 in beauty and personal care, cumulatively. Signing up to either Extra Care or Beauty Club doesn’t mean you are automatically enrolled in the other. You must sign up to both.

B) Walgreens

Sign up to their Balance Reward Program. You can do this online. Once again, use a phone number you can remember, since that’s how you pull up your account when making a purchase.

Once you sign up, you can start tracking points to your account. See more about couponing at Walgreens here. Remember: Do not use points to pay for transactions that can earn points.

C) Rite Aid

Sign up to Rite Aid’s Wellness program to start earning +UP rewards and to start collecting points. Once again, use a phone number you can remember.

By default, all new Rite Aid Wellness program members have their rewards digitally loaded to their account after earning them. This isn’t ideal for many reason (I’ll cover them in detail in the How to coupon at Rite Aid page later). The only way to Opt out of having your +UP rewards automatically loaded to your account, is to call and request for +UP Rewards to be printed out. Again, I’ll cover this in more details later.

D) Kroger Affiliate Stores

Sign up online: Ralph’s, Kroger, QFC, Fred Meyer, Food4Less, Smith’s,Foods Co, Fry’s Food Stores, Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, King Soopers, Pay Less Super Markets, Jay C Food Stores, Owen’s, Gerbes.

E) Safeway Affiliate Stores

Safeway, Vons, Pavillions, Randalls, Tom Thumb. You have to sign up for new reward cards in store only. And then link your reward card to a username online or via mobile app to access digital coupons.


Go through each of the stores above. If you have this store in your city, then sign up to their reward program (online if available).

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