How to Coupon

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Ready to Save Money? C’mon in!

Welcome to the school of couponing. 🙂 Where you can get ramped up and learn the basics of Extreme Couponing in an hour or two. This introduction course was written for newbie couponers, keeping it as simple as possible.

I know that starting out as a new couponer can be frustrating. What do those symbols and lingo mean? Where do I get coupons? How do I start?

This quick Couponing 101 course is designed to answer all these questions. By the end of this class, you will have everything you need to do your first couponing run. I’m excited! Are you? My goal is to get you ramped up in less than a day (but you can go at your own speed), and you’ll be on your way to saving money, like a pro!

How to Extreme Coupon

As with learning any new skill, there is no better teacher than practical experience. They say that if you just read something, you’ll only retain 10% of the information. But if you take action on it, you will retain over 70% of what you learned. As such, at the end of each section, I have a small list of homework for you, little action items you can do to solidify what you’ve learned.

Ready? You can do this! Let’s get started:

Lesson 1. Couponing 101: Overview & Coupon Stacking

Lesson 2. Couponing 101: Where to Get Coupons?

Lesson 3. How to Read Coupon Lingo?

Lesson 4. Step One: Get Inserts & Coupons

Lesson 5. Step Two: Sign Up Reward Programs

Lesson 6. Step Three: Find Sales & Deals

Lesson 7. Step Four: Do it! + Newbie Tips

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